The School of
Meditation & Transformative Studies

Online certification programs in meditation and holistic wellbeing therapies.


Offering 8 Training Courses with designations as a Teacher, Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Master Practitioner PLUS 20 Post-Graduate courses giving you the knowledge to confidently practice in your area of choice leading groups or doing one-on-one work. Our courses also include element on how to start and run a business.

The Meditation Teacher Training Course is the basis for all of our programs. 

You may choose to start with that and add on with other courses and programs later, or start right away in a more advanced course.

* The Meditation Teacher Training Course is also the prerequisite for enrolling in any Post-Graduate courses.

What's Included With Enrollment?

As a student at The School of Meditation & Transformative Studies your success is our priority. 

To help you succeed and flourish, enrollment also includes:

What students say

About the Founding Director

Hi, I'm Sharla Goodwin

I’ve always been interested in health and wellness, and wanted to help people with their own health so I started my professional career as a registered dietitian. I realized that nutrition was an interest of mine but it wasn’t my passion. 

I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to help people to really connect with themselves, know themselves and live authentically to be truly healthy, happy, and fulfilled. It wasn’t long into my career as a dietitian before I started encouraging my clients to practice meditation to help them with their health goals. 

A few years later I became a meditation teacher and coach using meditation and mindfulness to help my clients in all sorts of ways. Meditation and being fully connected with ourselves is the answer to fulfillment, happiness and freedom.

Now I get to teach and mentor people like you who want to have a bigger and better impact on the world.

Welcome to the school!